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Bestselling Author Randy Alcorn Helps Readers Root Their Beliefs about Abortion in Reality

Abortion has set us on a dangerous course. We may come to our senses and back away from the slippery slope. Or we may follow it to its inescapable conclusion – a society in which the powerful, for their self-interest, determine which human beings will live and which will die.

Abortion is a hot topic, ranking number one among issues people feel strongly about. Abortion is America's most frequently performed surgery on women, with approximately 1.37 million reported abortions in the U.S. each year. Everyone is affected by abortion, including Christians. (Those calling themselves Protestant or Catholic account for two-thirds of U.S. abortions; those calling themselves "born again" account for 18%.)

Finally, a book has been written that presents the facts about abortion with grace and compassion, helping readers to root their beliefs in reality, not bumper-sticker slogans. Why ProLife? by Randy Alcorn is written mainly for fence-straddlers and professing pro-lifers, but also with pro-choicers in mind. Why ProLife? addresses the questions central to the abortion debate in a concise, straightforward, and non-abrasive manner.

Although many people will bring to the book their assumptions and impressions about abortion, they will not be grounded in science and logic. Many are "pro-life" because their religious leaders say they should be; many are "pro-choice" because it is the position that saturates popular media, and it sounds so positive and tolerant. In Why ProLife?, Randy Alcorn encourages all readers to reevaluate their positions and base their beliefs on factual evidence.

Why ProLife? asks and answers critical questions central to the abortion debate, including:
  • Is the unborn really a human being?
  • Is the unborn part of her mother's body?
  • What do the new ultrasound technologies tell us?
  • Is abortion necessary to ensure equal rights for women?
  • Is it unfair to expect a pregnant woman to have an unwanted child?
  • Does abortion affect a woman's physical and mental health?
  • What about abortion in the "hard cases"?
  • Is adoption really a viable alternative?
Individuals, churches and organizations are offered many practical suggestions to intelligently and graciously act in the interests of both women and children.

The author has committed all royalties from this book to go to pro-life organizations.

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